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Welcome to the UK VoIP Forums, please join us in conversation.
  1. We request any forum member who might observe a violation of these policies to contact the site admin via the boards private messaging feature, rather than posting a reply. Posting a reply to a member in violation may only compound the problem and result in flaming.
  2. Although we encourage you to post any question or comment, we also encourage you to take a minute and browse and/or search the forums prior to posting in a new topic. It is helpful to the members of this forum if you post in a thread that might be ongoing if it is on topic, rather than making a new thread. This is important to the flow of the forums. We want you to post - we really do - we just want you to post in the correct place.
  3. Absolutely no Flaming or Trolling.
  4. Most members of this forum are willing to assist you if you have a concern. We ask that you keep your postings on topic, in regards to a solution to your issue.
  5. Please, no Bash-N-Dash. We do not need to hear "VoIP providers name" + "some nasty word". This is not what we are about.
  6. Although we are a very open forum, postings that appear to be out-right negative, with clearly no sought for a solution in the post, will be moderated if need be. If you are looking for help, we are here to help. If you are looking to rant and only rant, please look elsewhere.
  7. User names that we feel are inflammatory, vulgar, promotional, or rude will be removed.
  8. Please keep all posting in this forum on topic and use very descriptive titles. Do not post - "I need help!!!" but rather "Can't connect to SIP server - Error 404". Never use the words "Help" or "Please" in a posting title. This only makes it more difficult for members to assist you and it dilutes the search function when others are searching this site on a later date. Posts with deliberately misleading subject lines will be deleted.
  9. Please do not POST IN CAPS or all in bold.
  10. No double posting (posting the same message in more than one forum).
  11. Please do not attempt to post scripts in a forum post. Our security software will auto ban you and your IP.
  12. Classified ads such as “We Have VoIP Minutes For Sale” will not be tolerated. Posting any spam will result in your IP being banned - We have a zero tolerance for it - and so do our members.
  13. Signatures may contain one link only. Classified ads (as determined by the site admin) in signatures are not allowed.
  14. Claims of action and calls to action against any company or person will be removed.
  15. Posts that appear to support or promote the violation of any part of the UK VoIP Forums terms of use are not allowed.
  16. Please follow proper Forum Netiquette at all times. The use of LEET (l33t): As a courtesy to all users, members and guest alike; this site prohibits the use of leet, leet talk or leet speak. Thank you. (4s 4 court3sy to 4ll us3rs, m3mb3rs 4nd gu3st 4lik3; this sit3 prohibits t3h us3 oph l33t, l33t t4lk or l33t sp34k. Th4nk j00.)
  17. Posting private (not publicly published) telephone numbers or email addresses is prohibited.
  18. Use of the site PM system for all of the above is also prohibited.

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