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By lokiebunny
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Installing the Viber application is pretty easy. Here are the few steps to install it..

1. Connect your iPad to WiFi or 3G and download the Viber application.
2. When asked for your number, enter your regular cellphone ' s number or any other number that can receive the code, then confirm.
3. An SMS with the code will be sent to your regular cellular phone, take that code and use it in your iPad. Viber will then be activated, if not then you can try the above steps again and you are good to go.
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By waqsi
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That's not a big problem my friend. If you want to install viber in your iPad with the same number you have it installed on your phone, simply install it in your iPad and register using the number you wish to use with it. Keep your mobile number active as you will receive an OTP for verification. After getting the OTP, put the OTP on your iPad and start using viber on it. Best of luck :)

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