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By bluegreen
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pwarbi wrote:I think most people on here used MSN as their introduction to the internet world so to speak.

If you look at how advanced the technology as become now compared to the MSN days it's practically unrecognisable. Social media and online interaction seems to be taking over our lives, sometimes that not a good thing though.
Yes I have to agree with you. When I used to use MSN it was for talking for about 1 or 2 hours with my friends when I was using the PC.

But now you are always connected to your facebook/twitter account on your mobile device and you have access to the internet so you are always receiving notifications and answering them plus updating your status when you are going to take a dump. It's ridiculous IMHO...
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By anorexorcist
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I stopped using it since I create a Facebook account, but it was my very first internet account ! And there is so much memories in there, wich at that time seemed to be the best form of comunication besides personal interaction now it seems so old and slow... It kids of makes you think about how tecnology has changed and will continue changing. However, I used to spend hours in MSN just talking with friends and doing low quality video calls or voice recording... good times!

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